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7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire

What do you picture when you hear about someone who’s a millionaire?

Perhaps a well-groomed old man lounging in his bathrobe, sipping on a tall glass of some complicated beverage, overlooking acres of achievement from the portico of his mansion?

Or maybe a fine-dressed young lady, confidently walking the through a Manhattan park on her way to the corporate meeting where she will soon land a business deal worth 50 years of your income.

Millionaire. It’s a title you may have never dreamed you could ever give yourself. But what if you could? I want you to envision yourself as a millionaire. It’s a lot of fun. Imagine all the good you could accomplish in the world. Dream of the possibility. Believe you can become one. It could be simpler than you think.

You’re Rich Already — But Don’t Stop There

Before I show you a some surprisingly simple ways to become a millionaire, reflect on just how wealthy you are already. On, enter your annual net income or net worth and compare your wealth with the rest of the world. Say you net $20,000 in income every year. You’re in the top 3.65 percent richest people in the world by income. Imagine if you make more.

Don’t whine because you’re not a millionaire yet. It’s OK to dream, but remember that contentment should be a cornerstone of your financial plan.

Surprisingly Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire

Simple tasks are not always easy tasks. If I were to hand you a spoon and ask that you dig a hole 9 feet down into packed soil, that’d be straightforward and simple — but not be easy.

Likewise, you’ll find some of these simple ways to be just that — simple but not easy. But come on, you’re tenacious enough for the job, right?

Jaime Tardy, author of “Eventual Millionaire,” has interviewed hundreds of millionaires. “One of the main traits of a millionaire is perseverance,” she said. “The ability to keep going in the face of adversity even when the finish line is very far away.”

Although these tips may seem surprisingly simple and familiar, don’t underestimate their effectiveness.

1. Work Smarter and Harder than Your Competition

Identify your competition. How hard are they working? What are some differentiators you can bring to your workplace or market?

Start by working smarter. There’s no use in working harder if your work isn’t effective at producing income — you’ll be spinning your wheels.

Simple, common sense changes can greatly improve your effectiveness: Don’t sell ice cream cones on your front lawn in the dead of winter. Instead, set up a booth at the park in the sizzling summertime.

Work harder than others are willing. We’ve all seen the guy or gal at the office who works the hardest Maybe they’re a little nerdy or a little too interested in their job — or are they? Maybe they’re onto something. After all, aren’t they getting the promotions and becoming the office linchpins?

I remember when began my career with A.G. Edwards & Sons in 2002, I was in a training class of around 55 people. After completing training a year later, our class was reduced to less than half. At my fifth anniversary, only five of us were left. Most failed because they weren’t willing to put in the hard work required.

I beg you to not be afraid of hard work. Not only will your boss feel better about what you’re doing for them — you will too.

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