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8 Unusual Ways To Earn Some Extra Money

There are two ways to get ahead financially: Spend less or make more. Unfortunately, you can’t give yourself an instant raise or make long-term changes to your spending habits overnight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn a quick buck if you want or need to. Here are eight weird ways to make extra money.

1.As smartphones become more popular, some startup businesses are based entirely on apps that get you to use them in certain ways while you’re out and about. In “5 Smartphone Apps That Can Earn You Money,”  Money Talks News covered apps that can make you $5 to $10 for something as simple as snapping quick photos to prove a certain store has a certain product in stock (FieldAgent and GigWalk). There are even apps that reward you for trying and reviewing other apps.

2.Money Talks News did a story called “Finding Unclaimed Cash” in December, which explains how to check with several government agencies for cash you didn’t know you had – stuff like tax refunds, retirement accounts from old employers, abandoned paychecks, and unclaimed life insurance proceeds. Nearly one in eight people have unclaimed property they don’t know about.

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