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App Spotlight: MyScript Calculator 2

App Spotlight: MyScript Calculator 2
App: MyScript 2
Platform: Android, iOS
Android: Free Until February 12, 2019, $2.99 Thereafter
iOS: $2.99
I received an email from MyScript about their newly released MyScript Calculator 2 for Android.
MyScript Calculator 2 is an update to the MyScript calculator. You can see my review for the original version here:
What is in the new version?
* You can display results in decimal (up to 6 decimal places) with one of two settings: truncated or rounded, or you can display answers in simplified fractions (improper or in mixed form)
* The ability to turn on automatic calculation or manual calculation
* You can solve some equations. Caveats: Limited to simple equations (not full quadratic or cubic equations, yet)
* We can drag numbers to copy them in different calculations. Dragging numbers to the blue bar on top of the screen will store them in memory. Stored numbers will be available even if the workspace is cleared. To pick a number for dragging, all you have to do is to press on a number, hold until the number is boxed. At that point, you can drag the box.
Here are some screen shots from Version 2.
Here is a video demonstration of MyScript Calculator 2 by the company:
I thank Giovanni Rodriguez of Marketing for introducing me to MyScript 2.
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