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Best and most funniest tricks to promote your blog or website

As we all bloggers know that we use to earn from our blog or website by displaying ads of different company like Google adsense, infolinks, adbrite etc. And these adsense company give us income when we promote their ads (promote our website). Means when people or visitors click on their ads banner, the ad-sense company give us income. In simple words if there will be promotion of your website or blog there will be visitors or traffic, more traffic leads to more click on ads banner, which will automatically leads to generate more money or revenue.       Promoting = visitors = click= revenue or income So here we are going to tell you 5 funny but best tricks to promote your blog or website for more traffic and generating more income.

College or School benches: we all use to play, sleep, play music, and write our names in the benches of school, college and tuition. Some of us use to write naughty and funny jokes in it. But have you ever thought of writing your website or your blog name their? If not, then starting writing it. Only you just have to write some naughty lines with your website or blog name. I guaranty you the people will visit you blog looking for any adult content or naughty jokes. . Public toilets: we all often have visited to public toilets many times near Railway station or Bus stand. And we find something written on their walls may be someone name, phone number, funny and adult content jocks. You just have to take advantage of that, write your blog or website name below on that type of content. Website or Blog signature: It is so easy and best way to get traffic if you are having large communication circle. Only just write your blog or website name below your SMS or E-mails you are sending, even below your facebook status. I guaranty you the people will visit you blog. Fake profile and Pages on Facebook: This is the best idea for generating traffic in your website. As we know that there are many people who use facebook aimlessly means to spend their ideal time in search of naughty and adult content. And if they saw any naughty comment or adult content or pic by a girl they start following it. Then whenever the girl uploads his status they like and share it. So take an advantage of it. Just create a fake ID and make some naughty environment then start posting your blog post with your status.

Dust On Car: I Am Sure You All Have Done This In Your Childhood; If Not Then Make It Your Habit Of Doing This Work. Just Go To Any Open Market Parking Lot And I Am Sure You Will Find Many Dirty Cars There; You Just Have To Go There And Write Your Blog Or Website Name And Then See The Magic.