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How can you save money every time you switch auto insurance?

Every Auto Insurer claims to save you hundreds of dollars on Car Insurance

On every commercial, billboard, and banner ad, every auto insurer claims to be able to save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Shouldn’t the advertising agencies for these car insurers be challenged to come up with something more novel and unique as a value-added reason for switching instead of just price.

Here are some highlights of savings from the major insurers Home Pages of their web sites:

Allstate – the average customer saved $348 per year by switching to Allstate
State Farm – Save $489 when you switch to State Farm
GEICO – You can save 15% or more on car insurance by switching to GEICO (at least they did a percentage instead of dollars)
Nationwide – Save up to $43 per month (They really mix it up and do the savings on a monthly basis instead of annually
Progressive Insurance – You could save $550 on your car insurance!
USAA Insurance – Members save an average of $461 per year
Liberty Mutual – See how much money you can save on car insurance (a challenge to see what you can save)
Farmers Insurance – See how much money you can save on car insurance (a challenge to see what you can save)
Travelers Insurance – Join the thousands connecting with Travelers and save an average of $453* on your auto insurance.
eSurance – Compare Quotes and save an average of $808 on your auto insurance – Finally a company that has a different message – let our 13 carriers compete for your business. Taking same approach as Lending Tree – when banks compete you win.

Here is what I have learned from this quick review of Car Insurance Web sites.

1) It must be pretty easy to be an advertising agency for Car Insurance companies. Just pick a number and claim that this company will save you that amount be switching to them

2) If I kept switching from my current Auto Insurance policy over and over again then I would be getting paid $589 every month to have car insurance since everyone can save me money.

3) I can see why personal lines insurance is considered such a commodity and all about cost and price.

4) Why can’t insurance companies come up with a more exclusive policy / service approach for wealthier individuals. This would be similar to what some primary care physicians are doing and limiting the number of patients and promising outstanding service to them. Maybe because you rarely have to use your insurance. But if you can cross sell / upsell them on homeowners, umbrella policies, life, and potentially business / key man insurance then they would feel compelled to spend more money.