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Its Really Motivational Specially For Women

Everything Was Falling Apart

Hey guys, my name is Shan. I’m in my 30’s if that’s important to you.
First off, I want to make it clear that I am not a relationship expert. I am just like anybody else trying to make things work.
Before reading the book, I was constantly judging myself and getting worried if what I did was too much or too little.
It was bothering me to say the least. My relationship wasn’t working out well.
I was getting a little too desperate trying to figure out everything on my own.
It was draining me emotionally and mentally. I was :

  • not getting enough of sleep from constant thinking
  • having anxiety
  • ruining my relationship
  • having stress

We are fight over little things that don’t matter. It was quite tiring but I tried to keep it going. After constant disagreements with my boyfriend, we finally decided to take a break from everything.
From then, I tried to pick myself back up after all these messes. Instead of moving on completely, deep down I’m still clinging on. Hoping everything will turn out well. 2 months pass and we hadn’t really spoken to each other.
That’s when I finally decided,

“you know what, I’m not going to chase after him. I will make him fall for me”.

I have no idea how that’s going to happen.

How I Discovered The Book

Have you ever thought that when you are calm and in control, the universe will somehow find a way to solve your problem? What do you think?
Anyways, my girlfriends and I were hanging out at the bar. Of course, we were gossiping! Everyone is in a good mood.

We were talking about relationships and how their boyfriends are treating them. My friend Anna, was suspecting that the boyfriend was cheating on her. She had to talk to someone about it, so she posted her problems in a Facebook group she was in.
Really? The first thing came to my mind. Of all the people, you went to the group instead of finding us.
I guess the group is for people who are having troubled relationships. Who knows?
One of the members suggested her this new book by James Bauer called His Secret Obsession. Long story short, it worked for her.
I remember her saying this to us…

Everything clicked right away! All the missing pieces were finally put together. I tried a seduction technique and used a few lines from the book on my boyfriend. In just a few days, he was falling for me again!

I don’t know what sorcery she did but I sure was happy for her.
At that moment I was like,

“Shan, you’ve already lost him. You can’t possibly make it any worse!”.

Yup, so I got one myself and started studying it intensively. I’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

What Is In The Book?

The author, James Bauer, is actually a well-known psychologist as well and relationship expert who have been coaching men and women for more than 12 years.The main idea of this book is to educate you about what’s really going on in a man’s mind and how to connect with him. By using psychological triggers, you are able to make him fall for you again effortlessly.
He reveals all the hidden things you are not aware of that will make men completely obsessed with you. You will learn all the secrets and when you should use them to make sure you succeed.
Upon reading, I discovered these few phases:
1. The Glimpse Phase –  This is like an introduction phase. Pretty much like an appetizer in a full course meal. You are drawing a picture of what it’s like being with you.
2. The Fascination Signal – In this section, you will find out how to get and hold a man’s attention. Give them a reason to be emotionally attached to you.
3. Silent Action Signals – As the title says silence is golden. When done right, you’ll be able to activate a man’s “hero instinct”.
4. I Owe You Signal – Knowing men have a short attention span and are selective in their hearing, you will discover applicable tricks to initiate a deep trust bond between you and him. As time passes they will begin to see you as their only confidant.
5. Damsel in Distress Signal – This is one of the most important section for many women. To most, being a damsel in distress is to show your weakness. However, this is not the case. You’ll see how using this trick can tap into a man’s natural protective instinct. Those women who naturally use this, are thriving in great relationships.
There are more than 5 actually but I won’t list them all. The most important point is that it all makes sense to me.

His Secret Obsession Review And Results After 7 Days

To be honest, I’m not the boldest woman ever. I’m actually quite timid. I was absorbing the information as much as I could in just a few days.
his secret obsession result
Understanding them in theory sounds easy, but to apply it is a whole new game.
To perform these task is really daunting too. In the beginning, I was all over the place. I tried to follow the step-by-step guide to build my confidence up.
Like I mentioned, I haven’t spoken to him in over 2 months.

Day 1

I texted him with an opening line to see how he is responding. So far nothing really significant. Just ask how he’s doing. After a few exchanges, I pulled the trigger and asked him out.
He agreed to meet me despite making it clear he doesn’t have feelings for me. In my mind, I was like “he’s definitely lying and trying to act tough”. No one gets over that quick!
According to the book, I’m definitely checking the list. Everything is going well…I guess. One step at a time for sure.

Day 4 – The Meeting

I was nervous as I was really in my head. Apart from memorizing lines (I know it’s not natural but I was afraid okay) I had to remind myself to not screw this opportunity up. We met up at a restaurant for dinner. Nothing romantic, just a casual dinner.
Love the ambience here. Great music and vibe too. We were having a good time catching up without bringing anything of the past. Just like an old friend ya’know. Trying to keep my composure. I was observing his movements, gesture, and reaction after throwing in a few lines that I learned.
I was behaving in a manner that wasn’t really “me”, in a positive way.
Then finally, I saw an opportunity to execute a technique from the book. My heart was beating really fast at this moment.
And…NAILED IT! It totally caught him off guard. He responded exactly like how I wanted him to. Instead of being excited that it worked, I remained unfazed. I totally love the surprised look he gave me!
At that moment, I think he saw a whole new side of me, which definitely intrigued him. We parted ways after dinner.
Quite a positive outcome I’d say.

Day 6 – The Text

After 2 days of the meeting, I did not text him. What surprised me most was he actually texted me!
I was like “hold on! Is this for real? Did I do something right?”
He was going on about what he thought of me that night and how I made him feel.
Now he’s vulnerable! I went in with a jab ( not literally ) and a right-hook followed by combinations ( more like a 12-word text ) to make him realize that he’s missing out on me.

Day 7 – The Last Day of Testing

He called me today to ask what I was up to. At this point, I was so confident that everything has worked in my favor.
I guess he has picked up the signal that I was giving him the entire time. In the end, he asked me out for a date.
He said he couldn’t stop thinking about the text I sent to him.
Well..not surprised at all! I went with the flow and agreed to meet him next week.
All of sudden I feel like I can get any man I want now. I got everything under my sleeves, ready to use in every situation.

The Final Result

be irrisitable
As I am writing this, few months have passed. Did we get back together? Yes… Are we still together? No.. “Wait why Shan? I thought you got everything under control?”
Yes, everything was going well but I realized I had so much more to offer than to live in the past. It’s more of my problem, not his.
I called it off after getting back together for 3 months. I am going to focus on self-development and perhaps along the way, I’ll find someone better.

Is This Book For You

I believe His Secret Obsession is not for everyone. If your sole purpose is to date around, you don’t really need this.
If you are trying to create a strong and long-lasting relationship, this is for you. I am pretty sure you are reading this because you want a real relationship.
Keep in mind that you have to do the work. Reading alone isn’t going to fix anything. The guide is so easy to follow, literally, anyone can do it as long as they are passionate about their love life.
Lastly, ONLY use it on guys you really like. This super power is dangerous you know. Don’t go around making every guy obsess about you.

My Final Opinion

After trying it first hand, I must say His Secret Obsession truly works. Once you begin to understand a man, you can truly connect with him at an emotional level, closing the gap that was initially separating both of you.

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