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Scammers make money off MH17 victims: ACCC

Scammers are setting up fake social media profiles of Australian victims of the downed MH17 flight.
Concerned web users are being lured to bogus Facebook pages and then directed to an external blog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) warns.
They are then bombarded with dubious advertisements the scammers can use to obtain revenue from, or leave computers infected with malware.
The ACCC is also warning people to be wary of fake charities purportedly seeking donations for the up to 39 Australian citizens and permanent residents who died in the crash.
Unless it’s a reliable source or organisation, the money will go straight into the pockets of a scammer, the watchdog said in a statement on Monday.
Similar scam attempts were made earlier this year after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370.
A bogus email was sent to families of missing passengers suggesting compensation claims were possible, while web users were lured to sites where their personal information was stolen.