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Social media can be a smart way to make money also


The growth of social media in Thailand has led to the rapid growth of electronic commerce – both business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer.

Now online shops are on many social media sites.

In Thailand, it seems the top three social media platforms, which have already turned into online shops, are Facebook, Instagram and Line.

This is, perhaps, a result of how easy the platforms are to set up on and the fact they can reach a huge target audience. There are 28 million Facebook users, 27 million Line users, and 1.6 million Instagram users in the Kingdom.

Some people do e-commerce on social media as a hobby, some do it as sideline job, and some use it as their main source of revenue.

We have seen on social media that many people announce receiving a pre-order for brands before travelling abroad. Some people spend a lot of time on social media visiting the influencer timeline in order to advertise their online shop by making comments on the top/hit posts.

The Thai Customs Department is now monitoring people who announce having received a pre-order for an overseas trip. Doing e-commerce like this might not be too bright anymore.

Advertising e-commerce on influencers’ social media time?line annoys people. However, there are so many people who continue to do e-commerce on social media without breaking the law and upsetting people.

For example, 18-year-old university student Angsumalyn Jaisai, or Fern, has been doing e-commerce on Instagram since Mathayom 5. She loves tattoo stickers, so she turned her favourite hobby into e-commerce via @diytattoo.

She sells handmade tattoo stickers and smartphone cases decorated by tattoo stickers through her online shop DIY Tattoo. She designs and produces every product herself, with products ranging in price from Bt50 up to over Bt300 and distributed in a once-a-week delivery.

“I’ve run @diytattoo for three years. I helps me earn over Bt10,000 a week, at least. I can take care of my own expenses,” she said.

This is an example of how someone uses technology in a proper way. There are many people who earn extra income from doing e-commerce via social media, instead of only being social with friends and chit-chatting.